Value of an Outdoor Kitchen

Value of an Outdoor Kitchen

With summer here, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect place for making meals and memories with family and friends!   It’s also one of the best financial investments you can make in your house.

Any realtor will tell you that one of the most popular and desirable renovation areas in a home is the kitchen.  On average, the return on investment of an indoor kitchen renovation is as much as 70% to 80%.  But did you know that building an outdoor kitchen can offer a return on investment of 100% to 200%?   

Not only does an outdoor kitchen add tremendous value to your home when it comes time to sell, but there are many other important and more immediate benefits to consider:

  • Great for entertaining!  An outdoor kitchen is perfect for entertaining.  When food is grilled out on the patio, guests can gather around and socialize.  It may get crowded in an indoor kitchen, but there’s obviously much more room outside.  You can even increase the comfort and pleasure of your guests by adding patio heaters, outdoor furnishings, audio speakers and mood lighting.
  • Save on utility bills.  When you’re outside grilling during the summer, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work overtime to keep your home cool.  Cooking in your inside kitchen can cause the temperature in your home to elevate several degrees.  When you cook outdoors, you’ll save on energy consumption!
  • Expand your living space.  An outdoor kitchen area incorporates the space you already have on your back patio, so there’s no need to add an extra room for more living area.  Your outdoor kitchen will become a favorite spot that you, your family and guests will enjoy for years to come — celebrating birthdays, holidays and the great outdoors!
  • Save money going out to eat.  When you have your own patio cooking and dining area in your backyard, you’ll want to spend more time at home enjoying the convenience, comfort and serenity of your own piece of paradise!

Outdoor kitchens are a wonderful investment opportunity for your home and family – not just in the summer, but anytime of the year.  Once you have your outdoor kitchen up and running, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it! Call us today!