Fired up for Fall? It’s time for an outdoor fireplace or firepit!

Fired up for Fall? It’s time for an outdoor fireplace or firepit!

With fall officially here, it’s time to enjoy the crisp and cool nights outdoors with family and friends.  At Scott Design and Construction, we’re here to help you with the design and installation of an outdoor fireplace or purchase of a fire pit to take advantage of the cooler weather while staying warm and enjoying your autumn (and even winter) evenings!

Patios with fireplaces are a great addition to any outdoor space. Fireplace and patio combinations provide a focal point in your landscape design and also make for a great gathering place for friends and family. After creating your unique landscaping design, you can kick back, relax and take advantage of the cooler weather.  With friends and family close by and a warm fireplace to combat the chill of the night air, you’ll be able to experience some of the most enjoyable moments that life has to offer!  Additional benefits of outdoor fireplaces:

•    Increased property value. If you plan to eventually sell your property, an outdoor fireplace is a popular selling feature.

•    Additional entertainment space. For larger groups, guests can gather around your fireplace with comfortable seating to double your existing entertainment area.  Adding a fire grate for cooking at the time of installation allows you to prepare meals for your guests, or grab some sticks and roast marshmallows.

•    Ambiance. Whether there are two or 20 people gathered around the fire, the ambiance will be peaceful, calm and inviting to all.

•    Warmth. You’ll appreciate the heat from your fireplace on cool evenings, extending the amount of time you can spend outdoors year-round.

•    More family time. A roaring fire is hard to resist and is the perfect atmosphere for quality family time.
Fire Pits
Fire pits offer many of the same benefits as fireplaces, but they also offer some unique advantages that you may want to consider, including:

•    A more open platform for entertaining and conversation.   Since a fire pit is open on four sides, you’re able to speak not only to those beside you, but you can also talk to anyone across from you.  It creates a more open platform to keep the conversation and party moving!

•    Fire pits are smaller than fireplaces.  With a fire pit, there is going to be much more room to move around – and it also gives your yard an open, spacious feel.   Also, if the view from your yard is beautiful, you’re not going to obstruct it with a fire pit.

•    Less expensive.  Fire pits are more cost effective than fireplaces.  You’ll enjoy many of the same benefits at a lower cost.

•    Flexibility in size and style.  With fire pits, you have a variety of sizes to choose from depending on your need and area.   If you want to try something different, you can select from a wide range of shapes and styles.  A distinctive and aesthetically appealing fire pit will be a great focal point in your yard.

Get fired up for the fall today!  Your professionals at Scott Design and Construction are ready to help you create the perfect outdoor solution for your lifestyle and budget.  Whether you’re interested in a fireplace or fire pit, we can do it all!  Call us today at 972-562-9467 for a free estimate on the outdoor fireplace or fire pit of your dreams.  Contact Us Today!