It's time to add a fire pit to round out your summer evenings

It's time to add a fire pit to round out your summer evenings

Have you been searching in the Dallas, Texas, area for a fire pit building company that has extensive experience as well as artistic talent? Finding an expert that can bring your idea to life while still keeping your property safe are important for areas that have high winds. In order to add a fire to your summer evenings, give us a call. To find out why people are interested in having a backyard fire option, take a look at some topics we have learned from our experiences.

Keeping mosquitoes at bay with fire pits

Although science has not definitively shown mosquitoes will stay away simply due to an open fire, many homeowners appreciate the reduction of insects a bonfire produces. There are certain herbs that have been shown to reduce mosquitoes when placed on a bonfire. For example, citronella has a pleasant odor that mosquitoes tend to avoid. In addition to installing fire pits, adding citronella plants nearby also helps to supply the citronella to burn on the fire.

Making your outdoor living room the center of your home

Far beyond adding a simple bonfire to the yard, having an outdoor living room installed can have luxury add-ons. For example, in addition to being a pleasant area to gather around the fire, there are also outdoor cooling units that can be used during the day. The fire pit can also be decorated with comfortable, weatherproof furniture similar to the type found indoors. Finally, homeowners can have plumbing or electricity installed to ensure guests have access to warm running water and chilled beverages.

Creating the safest environment for open fires

Although many homeowners assume that if you keep the fire on a non-flammable surface, there should be no problems with having an open flame. Sadly, too many homeowners learn the hard way that earth can catch fire. There are also other hazards such as using waterlogged stones from rivers to decorate the fire area, and those stones end up overheating or exploding due to the trapped fluid inside the rock. Finally, there can be issues with sudden gusts of wind causing the landscape or nearby yard features to catch fire. However, with the guidance of someone that has experience in all of the ways possible for building an area for an outdoor fire, you can avoid these hazards.

Let us help you build your next fire pit

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