The sun is out its time for shade!

The sun is out its time for shade!

The sun is out its time for shade!

When the sun is out, there is nothing better than spending quality time in your backyard. It provides a perfect place to relax alone or with family and friends. While it’s a great idea to spend a hot afternoon outdoors with your loved ones, not everyone wants to expose themselves to the harmful sun rays. So, when creating your outdoor environment, it’s essential to include enough shade for everyone. There are a host of outdoor shade designs you can use to transform your backyard.

Where to put up a shade
Ideally, outdoor overhead structures should be put in areas of activity where you can reap the maximum benefits of fresh air without exposing your skin to direct sun rays. The amount of shade needed for your outdoor space depends on a variety of factors, including the available space and climate. There are many ways to keep off from direct sun when hanging out in your backyard. Outdoor shades come in various forms ranging from quick fixes such as umbrellas to more permanent stand-alone structures such as pavilions or pergola.

Umbrellas provide the easiest way to create shade in your backyard. They are portable and available in a host of colors, materials, and designs. The best thing with umbrellas is that you can move them easily to any place in your backyard, depending on the direction of the sun. If you want to create shade on your outdoor table, pool lounge chairs or seating area, patio umbrellas will do the trick. When shopping for umbrellas, make sure to find the best material that will keep your backyard shaded all summer long.

Building a pergola can help in transforming your backyard into a living room. Pergolas create privacy, defines space, and most importantly protects you from direct sunlight. A pergola is a free-standing garden structure with four pillars that support a roof-like structure. The best thing with pergolas is that you can customize them to your liking.

If you are planning of creating a permanently shaded area in your compound, you should build a pavilion. Just like pergolas, a pavilion is a free-standing structure typically standing a few meters from the main residence. Pavilions are more suited for luxurious outdoor living area. An experienced outdoor living contractor in McKinney can help to customize your pavilion to include a fireplace, kitchen, or even an entertainment area.

Gazebos allow you to create shelter anywhere in your backyard. They are portable and come in a wide range of designs and materials. Gazebos are pretty easy to put up, and they provide a great option for people looking for weather-resistant shades. You can put up a gazebo in your backyard, at the beach, or even as a market stall.

If you are seeking to transform your outdoor environment, you should start by looking for an experienced outdoor living contractor in McKinney. Eric Scott is among the best outdoor living contractors in McKinney with a wealth of experience in residential and commercial landscaping that spans over two decades. The best thing with working with an experienced outdoor living contractor is that they will walk with you through the whole process of designing and creating your outdoor dream space that meets your needs and budget.