Spring into Spring with an exceptional new landscape design!

Spring into Spring with an exceptional new landscape design!

The season for spring landscaping is here – and it’s the perfect time to renovate and refresh your landscape to create the personal paradise you’ve always dreamed of!   At Scott, we’re here to help plan and design the perfect landscape for your home, family and lifestyle.

A smart investment that adds value to your home and life in so many ways!
Did you know that professional landscape design can add up to 20% in resale value to your home?  Professional landscape design delivers one of the best returns on investment of any home improvement.  But just as important, you’ll enjoy a renewed sense of pride and pleasure that your gorgeous new landscape design will bring to you and your family.

At Scott, we specialize in a wide array of landscape design projects for your property, including:
Landscape design and installation
Landscaping is one of the easiest ways to enhance your property and add beauty and functionality to your space.  For example, installing drought tolerant plants and dry creekbeds can reduce water usage while increasing appeal.  Installing edging and drip irrigation will help provide water to plants while saving you money in water and maintenance costs.  Let our designers create a plan to help you best utilize your property with a fresh and functional new landscape design!

Outdoor kitchens
Outdoor kitchens will enhance your outdoor space by giving you a place to grill, gather and frame your backyard space. Outdoor kitchens aren’t comprised of mere grills anymore.  At Scott, we offer smokers, green eggs, pizza ovens, coolers, warming drawers, refrigerators, ice machines, beer kegs, and so much more.  Our talented stone masons will create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits
Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits will give any space a focal point. They’re also inviting areas for conversations, cooking or just relaxing!

Every outdoor living project begins on the patio.  Whether we’re using or adding to an existing patio or starting from scratch, the placement and material of the patio is an essential element of any outdoor space.  It’s important to design a patio that is functionally easy to navigate while allowing for all the space for any type of entertaining you’d like to do.   At Scott, we offer all the most popular, appealing and durable types of patio materials — including flagstone, concrete, stamped concrete, pavers, and travertine pavers.

Landscape lighting
Landscape lighting will double the time you can enjoy your landscape!  In addition to safety and security, landscape lighting will enhance your landscaping with strategically placed lights.  How about lighting a canopy of a large oak or lighting a path?   We can do it all at Scott!

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Founded in 1989, Scott Design and Construction is today one of DFW’s premier full-service landscape and construction firms.  At Scott, we strive for excellence and take pleasure in transforming each and every one of our landscape installation properties into a personal paradise for our customers to enjoy with their families and guests!

Now’s the perfect time!  Spring into Spring this year with the perfect landscape design and outdoor living space!   Call Scott today at 972-562-9467 for a complimentary consultation and estimate.

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