What kind of Overhead Structures are available?

Overhead structures have been quite a charming trend and an integral part of the architecture. They are simple physical structures that can transform private or public property spaces. These structures provide protection from weather or extreme climatic conditions and offer an emotional sense of security and beauty to your front or backyards.

A well-designed patio is a perfect way to transform your outdoor experience and spend more time outdoors. You will require a professional outdoor living contractor, and if you live in Allen, Scott Design & Landscaping should be on your list of contractors. Below are the overhead structures available.


Arbors are open roof structures supported by two or more columns. They are meant to provide shade, and the roof is often covered with vines. This is the type of overhead structure you would want to erect a gate or a fence to create an entrance statement. Some arbors are designed with bench seats to offer destination services.

An example of an arbor is a pergola. Pergolas are characterized by eight and over columns supporting a roof, which may or may not be covered with vines. The structures are sometimes long to offer more shading services to guests or pedestrians, depending on the landscape involved.


Cabanas, just like other forms of overhead structures, are meant to offer shade. Your backyard would look great with a cabana. They are standalone structures that offer a seating area with a fireplace or an outside kitchen where you can cook your meals.

A cabana is a perfect place to catch up on a conversation with an old friend or even hold meetings at the comfort of your home. Some have dining areas where people can gather for meals and make-shift conference spaces. In hotels, especially near beaches, cabanas are also used as changing rooms and hang-out places.


Gazebos are the most romantic forms of overhead structures that you would want to have either on your front or backyards. They offer a serene and romantic setup and can enhance the overall beauty of your home. They derive their beauty from the medieval era of architecture.

Gazebos consist of a solid rooftop and lightly enclosed sides with railings. The solid roof frames of this structure are often octagon or hexagon-shaped. They are usually fitted with chairs and other furniture forms and provide a space where you can hang out with friends, family, or significant others while enjoying drinks, food, and fresh outside air.

Overhead structures are beautiful and will transform your overall outside experience. You definitely will not go wrong with getting a gazebo or a cabana erected outside your home. If you are in Allen and need an outdoor living contractor, don’t hesitate to reach out to Scott Design & Landscaping.

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