Fall is here and the weather is right for cooking out

Fall is here and the weather is right for cooking out

What originally started as a small lawn service for a teenager has completely evolved into a full service construction and landscape firm that transforms all properties into amazing outdoor kitchens, rooms, and gardens. Scott Design and Construction, founded in 1989, is specialized in creating gorgeous outdoor environments in McKinney and Allen Texas. Eric Scott has been working for the last 20 years in the residential and commercial landscaping industry. He started his business mainly to pay his way through college and buy himself a car, but he quickly realized just how much he loves the outdoor. After he graduated college Eric decided to stay with the landscaping industry and devote all of his time to helping the residents of Allen and McKinney Texas to transform their properties.

Scott Design and Construction does not only do landscaping and projects like out door fire pits, but they also do some amazing outdoor kitchens. By adding an outdoor kitchen to your property, you can completely change the experience of being outdoors. An outdoor kitchen not only gives you a good place to grill, but it also makes gathering your family or your neighborhood together a little easier and it even helps to frame your backyard space. These kitchens are not just playing a counter top beside a simple grill anymore. Scott Design and Construction installs all the bells and whistles like green eggs, smokers, coolers, pizza ovens, a fridge or two, warming drawers, beer kegs, ice machines and so much more! Their very talented stone masons are able to create a kitchen in any shape or size you can imagine.

Along with their amazing outdoor kitchens, Scott Design and Construction can also do some really good outdoor fire pits. A fire pit is a very good option if you are wanting to add a fire element to your outdoor space. Your normal, everyday fireplaces will end up blocking your view, but a fire pit gives you the ability to see over your pool, the lake on the property, or even just the rest of your property in general. Also they are much less expensive alternative to their fireplace cousins. They also give all of your guest the option to sit all around to engage in some very good conversation with maybe some friends or family that you are not able to see very often, and they open the door for the well loved past time of making smores or roasting hot dogs.

If you really want to enhance your outdoor space, waterfalls are another great option. Waterfalls, streams, and ponds not only add gorgeous backdrops to your property, but if you have really noisy neighbors or are next to a busy highway, the sound of the running water can drown them out and allow you to relax. Scott Design and Construction has built countless pond less waterfall, fountains, and even full blown ponds that give both elegance and tranquility to any kind of outdoor space, especially if they are combined with an outdoor kitchen or fire pit.

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