Fall Is Here It’s Time To Sit Out By The Fire!

Fall Is Here It’s Time To Sit Out By The Fire!

Who doesn’t love sitting by a fire with a cup of hot chocolate or perhaps cuddled close to your mate? Well it is that time of year again and if your fire pit needs a face lift or perhaps you are wishing you had a fire pit to begin with at all, than a call to Scott Design and Construction will be the first and last one you will need to make. With over twenty years of landscape design and maintenance as well as outdoor living space construction, Eric Scott and his team at Scott Design and Construction will help you design the fire pit and outdoor space of your dreams.

Nothing can bring your family together after dinner like the warming glow of an outdoor fire pit. Your children will love being able to invite their friends over for sleepovers and s’mores while you will be the envy of all your colleagues with your own, unique and outstanding fire pit. So if you have recently found yourself mindlessly searching for a phrase like “fire pits McKinney TX” with a hopeful dream in your head, than today is the day you make those dreams come true.

Fire pits have evolved dramatically in recent years from simple holes dug into the ground lined by rocks. Fire pits of today require pinpoint mathematics and measurements to ensure not only functionality but also beauty, but the results certainly justify this level of commitment and work. Just take a look at some of the fire pits and their surrounding common areas at ScottLandscape.com.

A bonfire or campfire has long been the litmus test of a great outdoor party. That is to say that most people consider the party still alive and well for as long as the fire continues to burn. It is a simple task to add a couple logs to a fire to keep your friends enjoying themselves. However, it is a pleasure to maintain a fire in your own professionally designed fire pit. You will no doubt love all of the attention and questions from those you host as you happily stoke your fire.

In today’s fast-paced world of electronic home integration many people are beginning to rediscover their backyards in attempts to break away from TVs and tablets.. The problems they are witnessing is that they have this large, open field with no entertainment to speak of. Just a lot of open space. It is only a matter of time before playing and partying outside will be all the rage again, after all everything is cyclical. Get yourself ahead of this curve today and be a trendsetter instead of simply following the trends set by others.

Scott Design and Construction will work directly with you to choose the materials, location, design, and accessories for your perfect fire pit. We are not satisfied until you are one hundred percent satisfied. Don’t believe us? Give us a call to request a free estimate and find out for yourself. 

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