Fall Is Here - Is Your Outdoor Kitchen Ready?

Fall Is Here - Is Your Outdoor Kitchen Ready?

There’s nothing like the sound of laughter and conversation as family and friends gather in the outdoor kitchen. The smell of cooking meats, breads, and other foods gives the outdoor room an unbeatable aura. The kids will be laughing and playing. The dog will be sitting tensely, watching for dropping food.

The outdoor kitchen has seen a lot of use over the summer. It will be necessary to clean the grill, fridge, counter tops, and fire pit or fireplace. When fall comes, the outdoor kitchen will be clean and ready for autumn meals or perhaps an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner.

Disconnect The Plumbing

If you live in a colder winter climate, emptying the plumbing pipes to your outdoor sink and fridge will prevent freezing pipes in winter. Turn off the water inside the house. Once that is done, bleed the water out of the lines leading to the sink, fridge, and ice maker. Then turn the shut-off valve back on and leave it on for the winter. This will ensure that no expensive repairs will be needed.

Clean the inside of the fridge and ice maker. Unplug it if you won’t be using it in the fall. Make sure to clean the coils on the fridge to keep it in good working order.

Clean The Grill

The grill probably got a workout during the summer. To prepare it for fall, take it apart. Clean the grate with a degreaser and wire brush. Empty the ashes and then clean the bottom. Polish the other parts of the grill with stainless steel cleaner and polish.

When it’s clean, season the grate and other cooking surfaces with vegetable oil. Let it cook at 500 degrees for 30 minutes. Then either cover it with a grill cover or seal the parts that need it. If you won’t be using the grill in the fall, then disconnect the gas line.

Check The Fireplace Or Fire Pit

Fireplaces and fire pits get a lot of attention during the summer. In fall, though, is when they really shine, pardon the pun. Clean out all ash, wood chips, and debris. Scrub the fireplace or fire pit until it’s clean. If you’re not going to use them in the fall, then cover the fire pit to keep out debris or small animals. Stock up on firewood if you’ll be using the fireplace and fire pit. If not, cover that, too. They’ll be clean and ready for spring festivities.

Prepare Your Landscaping

What’s the use of an outdoor kitchen if there aren’t pretty plants to enjoy? You’ll need a landscaping expert to cover them with mulch, prepare the beds for winter, and even sow fall flowers and plants. Thanksgiving dinner outdoors will be even nicer with professional landscaping.

Make sure your fences are prepared for winter as well. Your landscaping expert will be able to clean and seal the wood so no damage from winter weather will touch them. They’ll look fresh and spruce for all your fall dinners.

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