Don’t let the cold keep you inside, warm up outside

Don’t let the cold keep you inside, warm up outside

With the cold weather here, there’s no reason to stay inside and get cabin fever when you can enjoy a cozy and warm environment right in your own backyard with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit.  At Scott Design and Construction, we’ll help you create the perfect backyard space for your year-round enjoyment, even in the winter!

The Benefits of an Outdoor Fire Place or Fire Pit

·    Extend your time outdoors.  Even as the weather gets chilly, creating a cozy environment to enjoy has never been easier. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit area provides a casual hangout for friends and family during a cool night. It gives you the opportunity to extend your living space outdoors year-round.  Design a welcoming stone walkway that leisurely strolls to the fire place or fire pit area or build it as an extension to your existing patio.  It will be a great area to savor the warmth of the fire!
·    Provide an entertainment factor.  Just like camping trips have a way of gathering everyone together, you’ll have a warm and cozy place to gather and entertain right in own your back yard.  Bring out the marshmallows, make s’mores and get ready to tell stories for many good times!   
·    Create a private retreat.  When you’re not throwing parties and entertaining, you’ll still have the ambiance of a captivating fire while stargazing with loved ones. It will be your personal retreat that inspires while providing rest and relaxation.  After a full day, get ready to settle down and unwind in your own private outdoor space!  
·    Create a fun cooking experience.   An outdoor fireplace or fire pit creates a whole different experience in cooking outdoors. The kids will have fun cooking hot dogs and kabobs on sticks over the fire. You can also bring the camping experience to your backdoor by wrapping meat, potatoes and vegetables in foil to cook on the fire.  For the ultimate cooking experience, incorporate grates or grills over the fire so you can use it as a barbecue.
·    Increase your property value.   An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is an attractive focal point that can make your outdoor living space stand apart from others when you decide to sell.  Besides having an enjoyable space, it can increase the value of your home!  

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