It's Cold Outside- But You Don't Have To Stay Inside If You Have A Fire Pit

It's Cold Outside- But You Don't Have To Stay Inside If You Have A Fire Pit

Have More Fun Outside More Often

In recent years many homeowners have been expanding their home designs to include at-home recreational opportunities. You can see this in the rise of the home theater, for instance. Another is in the growing love for the fire pit.

Fire pits have brought the romance, warmth, and beauty of the Great Outdoors directly into our yards. They have even done this for travel destinations and nearby hotels. With a variety of designs available now and the convenience of an outdoor fire pit area, you can provide an additional centralized area for social gatherings.

Bring The Outdoors Home

Homeowners have fallen in love with the ability to evoke camping fun while staying home. Fire pits require less maintenance than an indoor fireplace. The scenery around a pit expands far beyond what a fireplace can offer, and the scenery changes with the seasons. Mother Nature does the decorating for you! Fire pits can be a simple flat area with the pit in the middle so that the owner can provide chairs for a variety of seating options. The owner may choose a more extensive and cozy outdoor den with bench-style seating and electrical systems.

Build Special Memories for Your Guests

Hotels and other travel destinations have used fire pits as well to provide a warm community spot where people meet and relax. This takes greater advantage of the Autumn settings that often draw visitors to an area. Business conferences, tours, and entertainment groups have a better atmosphere for their activities. Outdoor gatherings provide a fresh, new, stylish and casual home-like setting that offers unique memories for guests and clients.

We’re Your Fire Pit Team

Scott Design and Construction celebrates the joy and beauty of our outdoor spaces. Building on a long personal history of landscaping and outdoor design, Eric Scott now provides an established and experienced company of artistic outdoor design and workmanship. This allows homeowners and businesses access to their properties that they had never had before. With greater ability to enjoy the outdoors comes more opportunity for connecting with your community and adding resale value to your home or property.

More Than Just Stone Or Wood

Fire pits let you use your yard or poolside farther into the colder seasons than you otherwise would be able to do. They add value to the home, provide expanded opportunities for entertainment, and require little maintenance. Their value in adding a relaxing and fun atmosphere is hard to measure, but it will be easy to feel and enjoy.

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