Beat the Heat with Your Own Cabana!

Beat the Heat with Your Own Cabana!

Summer is something that we all look forward to because we take vacations and spend more time outdoors. However, in Texas, summer means hot, sticky days that can be brutal and frustrating. One of our favorite ways to beat the heat is with a cabana.  They’re a great addition to your backyard and can make Texas summers a little more enjoyable.

What are the benefits of having a cabana?

Adding a cabana to your backyard is a simple way to add privacy or a spot for relaxing. Whether you use the cabana for lounging, reading, napping, or entertaining guests, it can provide a shaded area to do so. A true cabana also has a roof and three walls with the open side facing a pool. However, a pool is not necessary to have a cabana and some cabanas have fewer walls. A cabana will provide you with shelter from the sun or rain, despite how many walls it has. Other benefits to building a cabana is that they are rather inexpensive and flexible.

What are the different cabana types and styles?

There are two main types of cabanas that you can choose from. A temporary cabana is built with a metal or wood frame and vinyl or canvas cover. These types of cabanas can easily be removed when summer is over, and you need more space in your yard. A fixed cabana is going to be a full wood structure that will offer the opportunity to run electric and add TVs, hanging fans or lights. Although these cannot be removed when the season is over, they do provide a sheltered outdoor space all year round. Both styles can be custom built in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. You can level up your back yard and add value to your home simply by adding a cabana.

Why Scott Design and Landscape?

We have a team of contractors that can help you through the entire process. We’ll sit with you to design your dream cabana and carry the workload throughout the entire build. You’ll be able to sit back and watch your personal piece of paradise come to life. At Scott Design and Landscape, we have the expertise to give your peace of mind while we build your backyard cabana. If you’re looking to build a cabana in your backyard in Allen, TX, give us a call today.

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