The Backyard Patio: Your Personal Paradise

The Backyard Patio: Your Personal Paradise

Remember when a backyard patio was merely an area to place a portable BBQ grill and maybe a table and chairs?  Patios were pretty standard with the same shapes, sizes and materials. Well, times have changed with custom patios that have revolutionized outdoor living.  At Scott Design and Construction, your outdoor living specialists, we’ll work with you to design and construct a gorgeous patio that will become your personal outdoor paradise!

Here are just some of the benefits of a customized patio and why any backyard renovation should always start with a patio in mind:

·    Adds a personalized touch to your home.   By designing an outdoor patio personalized to your specific tastes and requirements, your home will reflect your personality. A personalized patio allows you to experience your home life in a new way, and it all starts with the design.  During the design stage, we’ll help you take your vision and turn it into something real that matches exactly what you want.
·    Adds versatility.   Different rooms in your house are often specific when it comes to their use, but the advantage of a patio is that it can be used for many different occasions and needs.  A custom patio can easily become a dining area for your family, a BBQ area for a get together, a romantic setting for you and your loved one — or anything you can imagine.  It really is up to you!
·    Decreases lawn maintenance.  Having a beautiful lawn is certainly desirable for many homeowners.  However, for many others, the amount of work to maintain an immaculate lawn can become cumbersome.  A patio is easy to maintain and comes with the added benefit of reducing the amount of work required to maintain your lawn.
·    Provides a multi-purpose area to enjoy year-round.  In the past, many homeowners considered a patio as an insignificant part of their home.  But today, patios are used for recreation, relaxation, entertaining – and, of course, as second kitchens.   Thanks to advances in materials, design, construction and technology, there’s an endless array of custom creative possibilities for a home patio that can be used year-round.
·    Adds a level area to enjoy.  A patio provides a level space to house a grill and other essentials. The ease and convenience that a patio provides for entertainment is reason enough to have one installed.  In addition, in the case of low lying areas, the patio can provide the perfect place to watch the rain fall without standing in the mud.  It will allow you to be high and dry as you take in the beauty of the moment.
·    Provides flexibility.  For those with smaller homes, an outdoor patio provides a comfortable and airy space to host family and friends.  No need to add on a room with walls and a roof; simply incorporate the space you already have on your back porch. If you have a covered patio, you’re all set to bring in appliances and have the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. In your outdoor cooking area, you and your family members can celebrate birthdays, holidays, or just enjoy the great outdoors.
·    Offers the perfect get-away right in your own backyard. On a nice day, there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting on your patio and enjoying the peace and quiet.  Adding comfy patio furniture and lounge chairs enhances your patio and helps you take a well-deserved break from your busy schedule without leaving the comfort of your own home.  And in the evening, throw some burgers on the grill and enjoy a pleasant evening in your own backyard!
·    Adds value to your home.  Depending on the present value of your home, adding a patio can considerably boost the valuation of your property. Studies have shown that patios are high on the wish list for homeowners and buyers.  An astonishing 98 percent want them, according to a landscape architecture survey.  Studies have also shown that adding a patio alone can offer a 60% return on your investment, while outdoor kitchen additions see an average ROI of 100 to 200% in warmer weather areas.   

With so many benefits to adding a patio to your home, including the excellent return on your investment — it’s not surprising why so many homeowners are having them installed – and so many buyers want them!
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